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We are norient-beta.com, a platform that is offering opportunities for both our readers and writers.

For the Readers

For our readers, we are offering a variety of sections related to Science Facts and Nature. We know that there are many readers who love to read scientific facts and are eager to discover the mystery of nature.

There are also people who need these facts for their research works. What they lack is a perfect website for their quest.

In the section of science facts, the readers will find articles related to small home science, as well as articles on electron-proton and planets.

In the section on nature, you will find articles on amazing creatures of nature, like beavers: their lifestyle, why they build dams and so on.

We do have some featured articles for our readers.

So you see, you will find amazing details on science facts as well as on nature and other.

For the Writers

We are always searching for skillful and expert writers for whom writing is a work of art. We have set a bunch of thoughts and we expect from our writers that their write-ups will meet our criteria.

We always value the idea of writing something unique and we respect the hard work of the writers who put in their writing. We believe that without our writers, we can’t be completed as they are the most important part of our company.

We request the writers to send their applications and their samples of writing to us. We will examine every details of your application and reply to you if all the criteria is matched.

You will definitely get paid, after you join us as a writer. You will get your payments according to the agreement. The agreement will be on the basis of length of the article, the limits of words and so on.