Why Do Beavers Build Dams?

Not only the human in this mortal world need to protect themselves from the outside calamities, but also there is a variety of animals, who need the same protection too.

Beavers are like human beings. These animals belong to the Castoridae group of family and know very well how to protect themselves from the difficulties that come to them from the outside world.

People often show their curiosity about the beavers. But, it is quite obvious that they know a little about these animals. As a result, they often wonder why do beavers build dams.

Well, the answer is here. Not only that, but this article will also discuss many things about the beavers. They are:

  • Do beavers hibernate?
  • Where do the beavers live?
  • Are beavers nocturnal?
  • Do beavers eat fish?
  • What does beaver eat?
  • How long do beavers live?
  • How long can beavers stay underwater?
  • Is it a beaver rodent?

So you see, you will find all your queries related to Beavers in this single article.

why do beavers build dams
why do beavers build dams

Let’s start. 

Why Do Beavers Build Dams: Interesting And Unknown Facts About Beavers

Very little you know about these fascinating creatures, the beavers. This is one of the groups of animals who know how to survive in this world, full of menace.

Yes! That is why the beavers build dams in the first place. In fact, they are the master of builders among the animals and also capable of engineering besides the most complex structure of the river. You can say that.

The main reason for which the beavers need to build dams is to protect themselves from the predators, just like the bears and the wolves. But, the interesting fact is that they craft their dams in a way that you might not think about.

Let’s See How

Now beavers are the creatures who actually don’t live in the dam itself. Basically, they craft their dam in order to create a pool of deep water, and in that pool, they create their actual living place, a small island or dome lodge which is fully protected.

And you know what? That lodge serves them as a dry area of living and as a place of food store. Interesting, isn’t it?  

The water pools where the beavers live are deep enough that the land animals deter easily. It also allows them to dig underwater entrances into the lodge when danger emerges.

Fascinating! I must say.

Do Beavers Hibernate: Is It True Or Not?

Do Beavers Hibernate Is It True Or Not
Do Beavers Hibernate Is It True Or Not

Well, if you are thinking that the answer is yes, then I must tell you that you’re completely wrong with this. Beavers never hibernate, not even in the winters.

But, they do prepare themselves meticulously for the long winter times. They are well aware of the nuisance in the months of winter and they make a food store under the lodge they created.

Brazier, the famous zoologist explains clearly that the beavers can rely on their underwater food larder if they get stuck in the frozen ponds. They are also able to swim out of the underwater exit of the lodge, find some willow from their stash and again bring it back upstairs.

The fact is that these creatures not only can spend much of their time in the lodges in the winters, but they also nurse their newborn babies. Hmm… there is no doubt that the babies are usually birthed in the winter.

As I have already mentioned that they are the master craftsmen, they can build another layer on the top, if the water level rises and the lodge gets flooded.

Where Do Beavers Live?

A variety of people ask this question. Where do the beavers live

Beavers usually live in freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps, and marshes. Actually, they need water for their survival. The place where the beavers live is called the lodge. They build the lodges on creeks and streams.

The lodges are shaped like dome houses. Beavers use woven sticks, grasses, and moss plastered with mud in order to craft their lodges. These creatures strategically locate their houses in the middle of the pool and tactfully build their way through the underwater entrances.

Where Do Beavers Live
Where Do Beavers Live

You can find the beavers throughout North America with the exception of the California and Nevada deserts and in some parts of Utah and Arizona.

Are Beavers Nocturnal?

Yes. You are on the right track now. Beavers are mostly nocturnal creatures. They become active mostly at the time of night. But you can see them out and roam around during the time of sunlight.

Well, I can add something here. If you want to see a beaver, the best time is at the time of dusk. I mean, you can go out in order to find them about an hour before darkness or at the time of sun up early in the morning.

The activities of the beavers can only be seen from early evening to the early morning, which means the time being is about 12 hours.

Do Beavers Eat Fish?

Let me guess about this particular question. Have you recently watched the film, Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe? And now you are guessing that the beavers eat fish for their survival as the film shows you.

Hold on right there. It is my gentle reminder to you that don’t be carried away with the film. No! Beavers neither eat fish, nor chips.

Beavers are herbivorous creatures. They eat tree leaves like willows and aspens. They are not like the otters, who are always searching for fish.  

What Does Beaver Eat?

Beavers eat tree leaves such as willows and aspens. They are not carnivorous at all. As the cute creatures they look, they generally rely on vegetation.

Brazier says that these animals very often strip the bark of the trees and eat that. They can also consume most of the aquatic plants like water lily and cattail.

Beavers have an interesting way actually. They can create a shortcut way to home, after finding the food. Suppose, a beaver has located a particular scrumptious willow tree, it can dig out a small canal through the riverbank which leads it straight to the dam.

Quite ingenious way! Really!

What Does Beaver Eat
What Does Beaver Eat

How Long Do Beavers Live?  

It is an interesting question too. I can say.

Well, Beavers can live up to 10 to 12 years in the wild. But, if you find a beaver in a state of captivity, it can live up to 20 years. It is because some special care is given to that beaver.

When a beaver becomes two years old, it generally leaves the lodge and goes for finding food for itself.

The life span of a beaver may end sooner if predators like coyotes, foxes, bobcats, otters, and great horned owls chase them.

How Long Can Beavers Stay Under Water?

You see, the beavers have such attributes by which they can stay underwater for a long time. The attributes of the beavers allow them to stay underwater for 15 minutes, even without surfacing.

That means, they can go as long as 15 minutes without taking breathe while they are swimming under the water.

Now that the beavers can swim at a speed of up to five miles per hour, they have a set of eyelids that are transparent. It functions just like goggles.

Also, their fur is usually waterproof and oily.

Is Beaver A Rodent?

Well of course! Beavers are obviously the rodents or the gnawing mammals of an order that includes rats, squirrels, hamsters, porcupines, and so on.

Now, imagine a giant rat with a flat tail and webbed feet. That’s right. It’s how a beaver looks like. They are the largest and semiaquatic rodents in the places of Eurasia and North America and the 2nd largest rodents in the world. 

Is Beaver A Rodent
Is Beaver A Rodent


How long do the dam of the beavers last?

Researchers say that the dam of the beavers can last up to 150 years if they are unharmed. Another research, in 2012 shows that in California beaver dams last more than 1,000 years. See Beaver Dam Can Last Centuries, 1868 Map shows to know more.

How many beavers can live in a dam?

Beavers live in lodges, not in the dams. Normally, beavers live in the units of the family called colonies. It ranges from 2 to 8 beavers. But, the size of an average colony is five to six.

What are activities of a beaver during daytime?

Literally nothing. Actually, the beavers love to spend the day sleeping and resting. But when they are awake at night, they are amazing workers. They are capable of crafting a large lodge only in a couple of nights.

Can beavers become violent?

Yes. They can. They are extremely violent when it comes to defending their territories against perceived encroachment. Even, they can also attack humans if they are infected by rabies. Their attack may result in death for the domestic animals.

Do beavers have sound?

Beavers sound like grunts, grumble, and even like barks. They use it for their communications. They also slap the water with their tails in order to warn other beavers of danger.

All About The Beavers

You see, beavers play a prominent role in maintaining the wetlands. Their dams provide a habitat for many sensitive plants and animal species. All you need to do is not to mess with these animals- it’s important for the health of their environment.

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