Can You Freeze Apple Cider?

Yes, you can freeze it. But remember that you must not freeze alcoholic cider, and it is because alcohol comes with a different freezing temperature than other liquids. But it is possible to freeze non-alcoholic American apple cider.

You should know it is a delicious beverage while you heat up this one, and it is an excellent way to enjoy a cozy and non-alcoholic drink during winter. But what will you do while you have excessive drinks?

If you are making drinks for a party, you never find it sufficient. But when you have made a lot and have a lot left over, you might not want to waste it by pouring it down the drain.

Apple cider is actually a festive drink people like to have, and people can drink it throughout the winter months. Although it is a warming winter drink, you don’t need to keep it to use for November and December.

You must want to save your apple cider. But do you know how to do that? Is it possible to freeze?

You can freeze liquids very easily. But some considerations there you should follow before freezing apple cider.

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How To Freeze Apple Cider?

can you freeze apple cider

Can you freeze apple cider? How will you freeze apple cider? These are the steps you should follow to ensure that you freeze it in the best way possible.

Step 1:

First, you should allow the cider to cool down. This one is an essential step because if you don’t make the cider cool before putting it in the freezer, it may change the freezer’s temperature.

If you find it hot, then it might defrost the whole freezer. When you find it warm, there is a risk as cider may defrost other frozen items around it.

Step 2:

When the apple cider is cold entirely, you should transfer the cider to a freezer-safe container. You can find this something as plastic Tupperware.

Ensure that the lid is fine & will not fill the container. Pour it in until it is around an inch from the top.

The cider will expand while it freezes, and therefore, it will require more space to do that. Whether you don’t leave any space or use an airtight container, you may find it overflowing when it freezes.

You do not need to prepare so much to freeze something like apple cider. Ensure that you go through the complete article properly.

It can provide additional things to consider before freezing your apple cider.

How To Defrost Apple Cider

How To Freeze Apple Cider?

Now you can understand how you should freeze the Apple Cider. Therefore, your job next is to know how to defrost it.

It is a very easy method, but you must consider some things for freezing. Besides, there are some methods you must consider to defrost apple cider.

  • Method 1) Keep It In The Refrigerator:

The process is very long but remember that it is the best method to try. Moving the cider from the freezer to the refrigerator will enable you to defrost slowly, and it helps to reduce the risk of any alterations in taste or texture.

  • Method 2) Leave It On The Worktop:

Whether you are willing to have your apple cider a little sooner, leave the cider out to defrost at room temperature, and it is the opposite of leaving it out to cool.

If you leave the item at room temperature, it is fine entirely because you don’t have to refrigerate it. If you usually use a product you need to keep in the refrigerator, you should not leave it out. For example, you should never leave out when you have a dairy.

  • Method 3) In The Microwave:

You can use the process to defrost the Apple cider. It is the fastest process to defrost apple cider and heat it up immediately. If possible, you should remove the container top.

You must be careful as it can be frozen shut. After that, your task is to keep the lid back on but ensure that you must not shut it properly. It can prevent the cider from making a mess.

You should turn the dial to defrost setting. After that, your job is to enable the microwave for around two minutes. While opening the door, you can find the cider frozen.

If it is, you should keep it back in for another thirty seconds. You should continue the process until it gets defrosted completely. Whether you are willing to heat it quickly, you should turn your dial back to the normal setting.

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Tips For How To Freeze Apple Cider?

You know what the fundamentals of freezing and defrosting apple cider are. If you require additional assistance, we have given here a few tips to freeze it perfectly.

  • Allow It To Cool Down In The Pot:

Whether you heat up it in a cooking pot, your task is to allow the cider to cool down in there. Thus, it gets cooled down gradually.

Whether you want to pour it into a cold container, you can do so. But remember that it can change your taste. The time required in this case is a little longer because the pan is hot also. However, it will be worth it.

  • Never Freeze It In A Glass Container:

Do you have a bit of cider left over in a bottle? If apple cider exists in your bottle, never too tempted to put the bottle in the freezer. Apple cider can expand in the freezer as drink & food take on water while frozen.

In addition, you can find the glass also broken or cracked while frozen. It won’t be a nuisance to clean but can be harmful.

You can face difficulties in knowing which one is nice and which is glass in your freezer. If you end up with ice in the freezer, it can cause danger. As a result, apple cider has also become dangerous to drink. Therefore, you must not take the risk.

  • Stir It In The Microwave:

It is essential to remember that microwaves heat things up differently than a regular oven. Therefore, you should stir it after two minutes. Thus, you get to know if it has thawed entirely.

Whether you are willing to place it in for longer, you should stir it after every thirty seconds. It lets you know if it has defrosted yet. You can also help the model to defrost more evenly in the microwave. Thus, you can increase the procedure also.


1. How long can you freeze apple cider?

Ensure that you must not freeze Alcoholic cider at all. But if you are willing, you can freeze non-alcoholic American-style cider successfully between eight and twelve months. It will be best if you contain multiple apples and are eager to make a batch of the delicious sweet drink.

2. Can you freeze apple cider in a plastic jug where you drink frozen cider?

When you are going to freeze the cider, ensure that you should remove some cider from the container before freezing.

You should know that if you use liquid, it will expand. As a result, your jug can burst or force the cap to come off from the container. You can use a glass right away and allow it some space to expand.

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