Is A Sweet Potato A Fruit Or A Vegetable?

Well, scientifically, sweet potatoes are not fruits, they are vegetables. Sweet potatoes grow as roots of the plants under the soil. On the other hand, sweet potatoes may have both the shine and flavor of fruits, they may have a different texture, look, and shape than regular potatoes, they both are vegetables and belong to the same family of plants.

Sweet potatoes are extremely healthy because they contain nutritious elements in them. These plants belong to the tropical areas of North America. Many people think that sweet potatoes are fruits because they taste sweet.

In the below sections, we will get to know more about sweet potatoes in detail.

What’s The Difference Between A Fruit And A Vegetable? 

So, now that you know that a sweet potato is not a fruit, but a vegetable, you might be confused between the definition of fruit and a vegetable. What’s the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?

As per botanical science, the definition of vegetables and fruits solely depends on the part of the plants on which they grow. It means, that when a part of a plant grows from the flower, it is called a fruit. Fruits have seeds inside them. Whereas, the other parts of the plant, such as the stem, leaves, and even the roots are considered vegetables.

On the other hand, vegetables and fruits are also differentiated depending upon their tastes. Usually, vegetables contain a more savory and mild taste than fruits. You have to cook them and eat them as a side dish with the main course.  Cooked vegetables can be eaten as the main course as well.

Fruits contain a tart and sweet taste. So, they can be eaten both raw and ripe. You can also use fruits in fruit salads, desserts, juices, snacks, and custards. In spite of having these differences, fruits and vegetables have multiple similarities when it comes to nutrition.

They both consist of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other nutritious elements. However, fruits always contain a higher number of calories and sugar than vegetables. 

Depending on these classifications, many vegetables are mistaken for fruits.  Sweet potato is one of them. Many people think that sweet potatoes are fruits because they have a different texture and a sweet flavor.

But they are absolutely wrong. Despite having a sweet flavor, sweet potatoes are scientifically considered root vegetables. They are definitely not fruits. Sweet potatoes contain very low calories and natural sugar.

Other vegetables that are mistaken for fruits are rutabagas, turnips, carrots, etc.

Are Sweet Potatoes The Same As Yams?

Are Sweet Potatoes The Same As Yams?

Here comes another confusion. Are sweet potatoes the same as yams? Well, most people think that the yams and the sweet potatoes are the same just as they think that the sweet potatoes are fruits. But unfortunately, here they are wrong again.

Yams and sweet potatoes are not the same vegetables. There are actually a lot of differences exist between these two vegetables. There are huge differences between their shapes, sizes, and color.

When it comes to the shape and the size, yams are shorter than sweet potatoes. Yams are a little long shaped, whereas sweet potatoes are rounder and bigger than those yams.  

The difference is in their exterior as well. Yams contain a patchy and thick skin or exterior. But sweet potatoes consist of a smooth exterior. Besides, yams are generally dry, while sweet potatoes have moisture in their skin.

When it comes to the color, sweet potatoes are purple and yellow in color. Yams, on the other hand, are white and grey.  As for taste, sweet potatoes are sweeter than yams.

We can eat the uber of the yams. But, in sweet potatoes, the edible portion is the root of the plant.

In spite of having so many differences, both yams and sweet potatoes have similar nutritious elements in them. They contain the same minerals, fibers, vitamins, and more.

The preparation method for these two vegetables is also the same.  You just have to choose the right vegetable according to your needs.

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Are Sweet Potatoes The Same As Regular Potatoes?

Both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes belong to the same family. So, are sweet potatoes the same as regular potatoes?

Though these two vegetables belong to the same family, they have a lot of differences. In terms of nutrition, regular potatoes do have a lot of calories and sugar. But sweet potatoes do not contain too much sugar and calories. Sweet potatoes have more fibers, vitamins, and minerals than regular potatoes.

Sweet potatoes can be of multiple colors. Regular potatoes generally are yellow. They are also much lighter than sweet potatoes. Besides, the difference lies in their tastes as well.

Sweet potatoes have a much sweeter taste than regular potatoes, whereas regular potatoes are tasteless until they are cooked and mixed with other vegetables.

Is A Sweet Potato A Vegetable Or A Starch?

Sweet potato is a vegetable that has a starchy root. So, it is both a starch and a vegetable. In short, we can call sweet potatoes starchy root vegetables.

Like the other starchy root vegetables, sweet potatoes contain carbohydrates that our body needs for producing energy. They also contain antioxidants.

Besides, being a starchy root vegetable, sweet potatoes have vitamin A and C. They help to improve our memory and immune system.

Are Sweet Potatoes Healthy?

Well, sweet potatoes are not healthy but also delicious. Sweet potatoes are full of fibers, minerals, and vitamins that are extremely necessary for our health.

For example, a single sweet potato consists of 400% of Vitamin A and the human body needs exactly that amount of vitamin every day.

As this vegetable has very low fat, it helps you to reduce weight. They have fibers that help to maintain the blood sugar level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is sweet potato fruit?

Many people mistake sweet potatoes for fruit as they taste sweet. But sweet potatoes are not fruits. They are vegetables and they grow as roots of the plants. On the other hand, sweet potatoes do not have seeds in them.

2. Do sweet potatoes count as a vegetable?

Yes. Sweet potatoes are counted as vegetables. But they are not like regular potatoes. Regular potatoes are considered tubers. On the other hand, sweet potatoes are counted as root vegetables.

Like regular potatoes, sweet potatoes grow as roots under the soil. However, sweet potatoes are totally different in nutrition, taste, and density. They are starchy root vegetables and taste sweet.

3. Why is a potato a fruit?

Many people think that a potato is a fruit. But this is absolutely wrong. A potato is not actually a fruit. Potatoes grow as roots of the plants under the soil. Like the potatoes, sweet potatoes are also fruits.

However, a potato plant produces fruits and they look exactly like the fruits that grow in tomato or cherry plants. But remember, the fruits that potato plants produce are toxic.

4. Are potatoes fruits or veggies?

Scientifically, a potato is always a vegetable, not a fruit. A potato is actually an edible root of a plant. It is full of necessary nutrients that our body needs for a proper and balanced diet. Both potatoes and sweet potatoes are vegetables, not fruits.

To Sum It Up

As sweet potatoes are full of nutritious elements, they are extremely healthy for our bodies. While regular potatoes are full of sugar and calories, sweet potatoes contain Vitamin A and very low calories.

That is why sweet potatoes are the best vegetable for our hearts, kidneys, and other reproductive organs.  You can make delicious dishes with sweet potatoes as well.

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