Why Do I Smell Like Onions?

It is widely agreed that most people have some degree of body odor, and this should not usually cause someone concern. In the majority of situations, individuals may avoid this by maintaining excellent hygiene. Why Do I Smell Like Onions?

Changes in body odor typically have little bearing on the health of the individual. To a large extent, changes in eating and exercise habits create changes to a person’s body shape. Although a rapid change in body odor might be an indication of an underlying health problem in some situations, this is far from always the case.

Please continue reading to discover more about why my armpits smell like onions, manage it, and see a doctor.

Which glands are there in our body responsible for sweating?

There are two types of sweat glands in your skin: apocrine and eccrine. ‘Apocrine’ glands reside solely on particular portions of your body, such as your armpits and groin region, and create an oily fluid in reaction to emotional events such as worry, discomfort, and excitement.

Which glands are there in our body responsible for sweating
Which glands are there in our body responsible for sweating

When it comes to sweat, you have eccrine glands, which are far more numerous and dispersed throughout the body, and they’re accountable for your exercise perspiration.

What causes body odor to smell like onions?

The body odor smells like onions because several food components, including garlic, onions, cumin, and curry, have impacted the overall body odor.

The breakdown of these meals by the body may cause sulfur-like compounds to be released into the skin, and these compounds may react with the sweat on the skin, resulting in the development of body odor that may be distinct from the person’s natural aroma.

Why do my armpits smell like onions?

It seems that when this sulfur molecule is combined with bacteria beneath the arm, it causes a chemical called thiol to form — and this molecule, referred to as “oniony,” is well recognized for that characteristic.

In contrast to the elevated amounts of an odorless fatty acid in men, women had slightly higher amounts of an odorless fatty acid that gives off a cheesy scent when mixed with the bacteria in the armpit.

Do you believe that abnormal levels of body odor are indicative of hormonal imbalance?

It is possible for women going through hormonal shifts to notice changes in their body odor. Many women experience menopause when estrogen levels decline.

It may lead to several symptoms since the body then interprets estrogen’s decline as a warning that it is overheated. In addition to extra perspiration, a disruption in the hormonal balance may increase body odor.

Why my workout clothes smell like onions after working out?

In general, there are a lot more eccrine sweat glands, and they’re located in almost every part of your body. They are responsible for the sweat you get after an exercise.

The primary function of eccrine sweat is to help the body maintain its temperature when evaporating off the skin. Almost all of the eccrine sweat is made up of water and is odorless (or at least initially) since most of it has left your pores. However, bacteria on your skin get all their nourishment from few nutrients in your sweat, flake skin that comes off.

Why my workout clothes smell like onions after working out
Why my workout clothes smell like onions after working out

Additionally, a significant fraction of sulfur-containing compounds termed the metabolism of these cells produces thioalcohol. Thioalcohols with distinct odors may be created based on your specific skin bacterial population.

However, it is still possible to find certain thioalcohol that has an odor of onion. Their “mixed stink” is overwhelming because our nostrils are capable of detecting the mixture of 1 part in a trillion of acetaldehyde with the components of a thioalcohol and create smelling onions symptom.

Is it a disease that I smell onions when there are none? 

The sensations of phantosmia may occur as a result of a respiratory illness or a head injury. Conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors, or sinus inflammation may also cause phantom odors in your nose. An olfactory hallucination (also known as phantosmia) enables you to perceive aromas that aren’t present in your surroundings.

It is also believed that the scents people notice while they are having phantosmia can differ from person to person and might be unpleasantly pungent or pleasingly sweet. They may be found in either the nose or both nostrils. The phantom scent could seem to be there all the time or appear for a while and then go. Phantosmia tends to go away on its own for some individuals.

What are phantom smells a sign of?

Patients who have had a seizure or have had an operation to remove part of their temporal lobe or have had a trauma to the brain will report brief periods of phantom odors. Phantosmia is often related to Alzheimer’s disease and often occurs in the early stages of a migraine.

Is onion body odor disease?

However, a typical body odor should not be mistaken for an indication of skin illness. A pungent onion body odor disease might indicate trimethylaminuria. An illness in which the body cannot break down trimethylamine, a chemical molecule with a pungent odor.

Why do black people smell different?

Why do black people smell different
Why do black people smell different

It is assumed that African blacks generate the most significant quantity of apocrine sweat, which is recognized as the primary substrate for axillary odor.

If your perspiration smells like garlic, can you be harmed by it?

Although a person’s mood, nutrition, certain medicines, and medical conditions, and even hormone levels all have an effect on the way perspiration smells, there are still many more important aspects at play. Foods that have strong smells, such as onions, garlic, and cumin, could include oils that create odor. This is because oils are secreted via the skin during the process of excretion.

What is the reason for skin smells like garlic?

Breath that smells musty or skin smells like garlic and rotting eggs indicate a sufficiently severe liver illness. Because the blood may carry them, many compounds produced inside the body (by various means) may also be released via your sweat glands.

That might cause your armpits and skin to smell unpleasant. While stress is undoubtedly a common source of stinky substances generated via your sweat, it is pretty natural.

How can I eliminate the scent of garlic from my clothes?

It is worth taking advantage of the healthy garlic, and it is feasible to neutralize the stench of skin that smells like garlic. The below procedures will help you in eliminating the garlic smell.

  • Eating fresh fruit, such as apples, spinach, or mint, may help you feel more energized.
  • After you have finished eating, brush and floss your teeth.
  • Apply a mouthwash made of chlorine dioxide.
  • Essential oils should be used.
  • Be sure to try tongue cleansers.
  • To dilute apple cider vinegar, drink a half cup with water.
  • Green tea is an excellent beverage.
  • Eat some spearmint gum.

What medical conditions cause body odor?

The medical conditions that cause body odor

  • A diet full of unhealthy foods, 
  • A lot of stress.
  • diabetic ketoacidosis, 
  • Menopause, menstruation, and pregnancy.
  • vaginal infections, bacterial skin infections
  • Athlete’s foot.
  • Cancer

Do people of different ethnicities have different body odors?

Food avoidance alone does not permanently eliminate B.O. Foods like salmon, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, may help fight B.O. Still, it is believed that other variables such as a genetic predisposition influence B.O. odor.

Additionally, the ethnic background has an impact on sweatiness and body odor. Those of East Asian heritage tend to sweat less and have lower levels of body odor than those of African and European heritage.


Hopefully, you have understood the reason of body odor smells like onions. It is also necessary that you see your doctor if your body emits a distinctive odor than usual. The aroma of fruit may be a sign of diabetes due to excessive ketone levels in the circulation as people with liver or kidney illness have an accumulation of toxins in their bodies.

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