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Hello Writers! Yes! We prefer to address you by that name as we understand that writing as a profession is as valuable as professions like doctors or engineers. But this message is not only for the professional writers but also for the people who are thinking of taking writing up as their profession.

Before that, let me ask you some questions. Is writing more than a hobby to you? Are you passionate about your writing more than anything else? Have you ever planned to be an aspiring writer? Do you often look for an opportunity to be known as a famous author?

Well, if you say ‘yes’ to all the questions I have asked you, our platform is offering you what you have been thinking till now. Don’t worry. You are reading this message and that means you have just arrived at one of the best platforms of writing which will show you the way by which you can achieve your ultimate goal.

Wondering? Right? Let me make it very clear to you. There are millions of things happening around all over the world. You never come to know about them unless you have a broad connection with the outer world. You see, people nowadays love to search about a variety of things in the internet. That might be about some products, facts, or might be some solutions to their problems.

That is exactly what you will do for them through our website. You will let people know about things by writing articles or blogs on our website. That’s why writing content has become so much important in recent days.

Now we know very well what is going on your mind. You have understood everything so far but now you are thinking how it is going to happen. How can you manage so much? What opportunities do you get? Where do you submit your write-ups? All these questions are now puzzling your mind.

That’s why we are here to help you. We will answer to all your queries. Be relaxed and find out.

Write for Us- Make your Dreams Come True

Let us introduce ourselves to you first. We are norient-beta.com, a unique platform that offers you both value and acknowledgment of the hard work that you put in your writings.

We understand that writing is an artwork and not everyone can master that art. Therefore, we are always looking for professional, aspiring and talented writers and authors who can take the responsibility of writing something great. We also believe that only they can help us to help them in order to get the best of their invested time and efforts.

Now there must be one question that you are thinking about right now. Will you get paid for your writing? Of course! You will. We pay our writers who are writing content on our website. Obviously, we know how much time it will take to write something on a particular topic. That’s why we call writing a gifted skill and we always show respect to that skill.

You, too, can be a paid writer of our website. Here’s how.

  • Write for Us Paid

This is the simplest option for you.  Just find out what you or the folks like you would love to read as a reader. What articles would you love to enjoy?

Now that you are well aware, try to write something you love. Try to make it engaging and enjoyable. I mean, if a reader doesn’t enjoy your writing, then what are you writing for? Right? Never think that you’re not a professional. No one becomes a professional in one single day. All you need to do is to try.

Now come to important point. How will earn money from your writing? Your write-ups will generate a fan base, if readers enjoy to read this. When it will become huge, you will be the paid writer of our website.

  • Write For Us and Get Paid

This is something different from the previous one. You have to send your write-ups to us. We will examine some points. They are-

  • The article must be 100% original. That means it should be free form plagiarism.
  • The language should be good without grammatical mistakes.
  • It should meet our website’s guidelines.

If those things are fine, we’ll publish the article in our website and pay you. In this case the payment will be done according to an agreement that includes number of words, length of the article etc.

  • Blogs- Write for Us

This is one of our policies, name ‘Be Our Guest’. If you are already a professional writer and looking for the recognition of your name, this policy is exactly for you.

You need to send your contents to us. You will love to publish and promote it on our website with your name as the author.

  • Write for UsSEO Optimized Articles

Well, this is the section where you need to be not only a professional but also an expert of writing. You have to be creative and write attractive articles that will make the readers engage with the articles and spend some time on our website.

Not only that the contents you write must comply with the Google Guidelines, it should be well written with some particular terms and practices like:

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Keywords

We’ll definitely value your expertise and pay you for your SEO Write-Ups.

You can also write for us in the sections like Marketing and Business. For that you should have insightful and strategic write ups. Your job is here more like a Campaign Creator.

Ground Rules for Writing

  • Write your article in English. It must be original.
  • The word limit should be 600-1200.
  • The article should have at least one image of the copyrights permission.
  • Never share any source of information that include social malpractice.
  • Your article should be easy to read to read, included of heading s and sub-heading, bold words, bullets and points.
  • You need to divide the article into small paragraphs.

Start Writing Today

Now without wasting too much time, start your writing today. We are waiting for you.